Teaching in Diversity

Teaching in Diversity is an Erasmus+ KA2 project promoted by ECMI (European Center for Minority Issues), based in Flensburg, Germany. The project also features 9 partners from different EU countries (United Kingdom, Romania, Italy, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Bulgaria)

Respect for and tolerance to diversity are fundamental European values. Nevertheless. the recent economic and financial crisis reinforced significantly the negative attitudes towards the ,"other" that the increased mobility evoked after the EU Enlargement.

Nowadays, the flow of refugees has fuelled into the existing hostility towards people with different cultural background. Diversity has become a challenge that people face and deal with on a daily basis. Acknowledging that the educational institutions are a place where diversities meet and interact on a daily basis and that they are the first pillar of the societal integration and acculturation, the project will address the topic of Diversity Management at school, focusing on the teachers as key actors in the process of transfer of knowledge, values, skills and competences. In contrast to the numerous initiatives providing the teachers will skills and competences of 'how to teach diversity', the current project will focus on one significant gap, identified in the teachers' training: How to teach diversity, how to teach in diversity and how to manage diversity..