Third Partnership Meeting Takes Place in Rzeszow

Second Partnership Meeting Takes Place in Bolzano
July 15, 2017
Fourth Partner Meeting Takes Place in Sofia
March 29, 2018

Third Partnership Meeting Takes Place in Rzeszow

The third Teaching in Diversity meeting took place from the 13th to 14th of November 2017, in Rzeszow, Poland, hosted by Danmar Computers.

During the meeting, the ECMI presented the training pack methodology, which included the Powerpoint presentations on the topics of Minority Rights in Education, Managing Diversity at School, Non-discrimination and Equality, Preventing Hate Speech and Discrimination at School. The training pack methodology was developed by the ECMI and WETCO with assistance by EURAC and Mercator (Fryske Academy). The following topics were covered during the meeting: the improvement of the training methodology, preparation of the training materials, translation of the materials, testing, and monitoring and evaluation of products.

The next meeting will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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