Sixth Partnership Meeting Takes Place in Flensburg

Fifth Partnership Meeting Takes Place In London
November 1, 2018

Sixth Partnership Meeting Takes Place in Flensburg

The closing partner meeting took place from 25th to 26th of October at the ECMI premises in Flensburg, Germany.

During the meeting the partners discussed the final multiplier events that are going to be conducted in November 2018. The consortium is going to present all the products that were produced during the project: face-to-face training together with the accompanying materials; handbook (in 6 languages – German, Romanian, English, Polish, Italian, Bulgarian and English); an online platform for self-learning and a smartphone application that will connect teachers and facilitators in accordance with their language capacities.

The ECMI team has consulted partners on the final financial arrangements and finalization of the products, whereby it has been decided to expand the website and to add a photo gallery.

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