Teach-D Chat

This mobile application is available here:

Teach-D Chat mobile application can be used to get real-time support, knowledge and experience exchange in the area of diversity.

This is the first screen that Teach-D Chat users see after running the application. Here users can proceed to login to the chat or create a new account.

After choosing “About” at the initial screen the application users will be able to read about the application purpose and also go from there directly to the project website and Teach-D Chat Privacy Policy statement.

After successful sign in/create account process the application users are redirected to general purpose room, where they can join the current discussion, or ask anything they need to.

Teach-D Chat application consists of 7 chat rooms. In order to save discussion consistency in chat rooms, it is recommended that the discussions conducted in the application take place in the appropriate chat room.

The settings screen allows users to change their account password or to sign out from the application.